the HELLSTRÖM story

the hellström collective was found in early 2004. it started at a show, where we started to talk about
founding a new band. the name hellström existed quiet some time in the mannheim area, but no band existed
long enough to really use that name. so we decided to take it, since what we do sounds very swedish. we
wanted our music to go in exactly this direction, swedish crust punk, it was perfect. Other bands that
we wanted to take as influence were LEFT FOR DEAD, RORSCHACH and SEEIN’ RED. so we had a focus where to go.
we started rehearsing as a four-piece, recorded a demo and played some shows that were really cool.
there was a lot of positive feedback and we started organizing a tour for late october of 2004
with our friends in PERTH EXPRESS. after ralf’s (drums) other band MY OWN LIES broke up,
their bass player, martin hub, decided to join hellström as a second guitarist.
with him in our bands our musical opportunities grew by the second. the sound started to
grow harder and more aggressive and straight forward.
we played two shows as a five piece. one at the FLUFF festival in 2004. there were plans to release
a split 7-inch with PERTH EXPRESS and went to the studio to record the tracks.
before that we were talking a lot about the vocal performance of daniel, our lead singer.
and since we felt that his vocals weren’t the right style
for the direction we were taking and his often problems with his voice, we decided to part ways.
it wasn’t an easy decision, since we weren’t only band mates but good friends.
but we decided to do what’s best for the band.
so we continue as a four piece with ralf, martin and ralph sharing the vocals.
the songs for the split were recorded in september of 2004 and it will be released very soon.
we toured several times through many different (european) countries.
after our last tour martin and hellström decided to part ways. the famous musical differences, you know.
we thought about what to do know since we didn't want to continue as a three piece. our immediate thought was,
let's go back to the roots. one guitar - one lead singer. we needed someone with experience,
 someone we could rely on. so we decided to ask bernd (former singer in STACK and FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE).
he was interested, we started rehearsing and after a bit more than five weeks we played our first show in that line-up.
that is where hellström is right now. we will hit the road sooner or later.
we hope to see you all out there. if you want to, feel free to drop us a line.
   -ronnie h.-


FRANK, HELLSTRÖM’s four-string missile, is the most silent guy in the band,
but his low-frequent bass-attacks will shake your eyeballs. Creativity is not his business
 since he finished puberty, but through his profession he fixes all the band’s electrical stuff.
Luckily Frank has a sharp mind and is able to find solutions to any problems, beside his studies
and his own weakness. Frank used to play bass also in the always undervalued collective of PROBITY
(check out their selftitled 7” if you have the opportunity) and in legendary THE FOURTH OF FOUR.
talk to frank directly

RALPH, the 6,6 ft. 6-string dahmer in Hellstöm; delivers the riffs he steals from several bands
while thinking about how to revolutionize the room-cleaning industy; he plays/ed for many more or
less successful other bands; he bashes his head against the wall listening to Integrity and isn't
ashamed that he still likes this band. Here are some words he likes to sing to you:
I've had my face dragged in fifteen miles of shit, and I do not, and I do not, and I do not like it.
So how can anybody say, they know how I feel, the only one around here who is me, is me!
But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you!
talk to Ralph directly

RALF, the old man in the band on drums, is always down with kids like Ralph
and his solution for pubertary problems. Sometimes he writes some lyrics and brings new ideas
for songs which he has found during listening to records ;-). He also runs a booking agency
and tries to get shows for this band as much as he can. So we’re the next band in germany
everybody says in one year "oh they a again". In addition he is HELLSTRÖM’s webmaster
(send complaints directly to him), he has a label, a job (in a place for children with
handycaps like 30hours a week) and a family, so as you see he is a busy guy,
but he does his best to manage all that.
Ralf played also in some other bands before like STACK / MY OWN LIES / PRONE /
MASSDISORDER / DORIAN / CHOREA and tons of projects.
one called HELLSTRÖM as well. but they only had 2 or 3 practice.

talk to Ralf directly

BERND the new guy in hellström, but an old one as well. he used to sing for bands as
STACK and FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE. his soccer-jokes are better than those of others
so he is allowed to tell them on stage. a jump contest isn't necessary anymore since he will
beat us all. besides hellström he runs the mafia board and sorched earth policy
talk to Bernd directly

check out our interview at the FINAL EXPRESSION ZINE