25. may 2006
        dear friends,
        there haven't been news in ages and that is almost as long as we haven't rehearsed.
        now, here are some news, but unfortunately maybe the last ever.
        after two years of pseudo-swedish-mayhem, about a 100shows and three line-up changes
        we decided to call it quits. no more hellström in a long row. there were several
        reasons for this decisision. we hoped to get things together for the festivals in summer
        we were supposed to play and to record afterwards for the spilt's and our 7''.
        especially since our third and most productive line-up was an immense improvement.
        we have several new bands that might be worth checking out.
        we'll let you know where and when to see those bands.
        we apologize to those that waited for us (espec. dodsdomd) and booked shows for us
        in summer (eef, sanne). our gratitude goes to the people that really supported us and
        to the people that let us play, sleep on their floors and gave us something to eat.
        thanks to our friends in perth express, seein'red, sangre, smackdown, zann, etc.
        and thanks to you!
        -love, ronnie-

        17.september 2005
        it's been a week since we are back from tour, so it's time for some post-news of the tour.
        all in all it came along quite well. FROM THE ASHES are nice guys to be on tour with.
        easy to handle and not that much 'swedish' when it comes to alcohol (just a bit).
        we had some good shows and some not so good, as always. but for a first tour in our new line-up
        it was really good. we had special ltd.tour-cd containing all our songs recorded so far.
        if you are intersted in purchasing a copy of 'SEASON 04/05'for 2,00 euro drop us a line.
        thanks again so much to everyone who set up a show for us, let us sleep on their floor
        or helped us in anyway. you rule.
        for other news: the recording plans have been discussed again. since we have no clue how
        to pay the studio costs we are not sure yet what to do. but our plans to do the split with
        ex-DÖDSDÖMD and another split are almost sanctioned. there are plans to play a few shows
        before the end of the year with our friends in SEEIN'RED and the awesome new dutch band called SANGRE.
        in late february/early march we will hit the road again with the one and only ASSCHAPEL.
        we are really happy to go on the road with one of the best bands right now. that's all for now.
        thanks for paying attention. love -ronnie-

        20.august 2005
        after almost fuckin' ever here are some news. we weren't lazy or shit but we had a lot
        of things to do. ralf moved to hamburg which leaves hellström being a weekend-
        relationship. but nonetheless we are being more than productive right now.
        a bunch of new songs are ready and we will be happy to play them live. very different
        from our earlier stuff, more heavy and "his hero is gone"-ish, but still very hellström.
        which leads to the next topic...the tour. we will hit the road in middle of next week with
        swedish grindsters FROM THE ASHES. the tour will lead us throughout germany, austria, the czech repuplik,
        italy and the netherlands. we can't wait to play live again especially with our new singer bernd.
        if you want to know more about him, check out his profile in the "About" section.
        on tour we will sell a compilation of our complete recordings that we have done so far.
        it will be titled "season 04/05" and contain the demo, the songs from the split with perth express,
        the unreleased songs from that very session, the heresey-cover "nausea" also.
        it will be strictly limited, so get one as soon as possible. further plans see recording
        soon after the tour for a 7-inch and two split 7-inches, but hell, we change those plans
        by the week. stay tuned and once again...see you on the road! -ronnie-

        28.march 2005
        we're back from what could be called a 'deep freezing adventure'.
        sweden took us to our limits when it comes to driving distances and temperatures.
        we killed about 6.000 kilometers in one week and had a record of -28°C when we were
        in umea. our engine didn't like this temperature at all and decided to do what bears
        do when it's that cold: fall asleep and don't wake up. we met a lot of old friends
        and made some new ones. we had some shows that weren't that good at all and others
        were killer. for details on the shows check the shows section, there will be detailed
        reports from the shows soon. thanks again so much to everybody that gave us the chance
        to play, food and a place to stay.
        for further news: we decided to skip the idea of recording new song.
        we will do that sometimes this summer but not before the tour with rambo.
        there will be a 10inch coming your way this fall. we still have three songs left from
        the session where we recorded the songs for the split record. these three songs will be
        released as a 5inch in a very special collectors edition package. hopefully this will
        be available for the rambo tour. so keep an eye out. see you on the road! -ronnie-

        19.february 2005
        we played a show today and on the way to the venue, we talked about our future releases
        in the car. we decided that it would be cool to release a 10" this summer. we will go
        and record our shit in april. i think the record should be finished in late august /
        september. we hope it will be ready when we hit the road with "FROM THE ASHES". for
        further news: the tour to scandinavia is around the corner, and we are desperately
        longing to hit the road and play the new songs live.
        so come by and check us out if you can.

        9.february 2005
        don't worry, we are still around. we took our time to write new songs.
        we have about 6 of them right now. and they will have their live premier soon
        during the show with SMACKDOWN in frankfurt. this will mark the start for a year full
        of shows for us. we really look forward to playing our asses off. if you check the tour
        section you will most likely find a date near you. and yif you don't find one...
        there are still shows left open and we look for help. if you are intersted in doing a
        show contact us. that's all for now. take care and check back soon. -ronnie-

        31.december 2004
        it has been some time, but here are some news. we're currently in the state
        of writing new song. we figured out, our set just is too short. we got a
        couple of song ready and the really rock. a lot more heavieness. it's sounds
        a lot more harmonic and like on unit than oftentimes before. we will record
        soon for a split record with the swedens' own "dödsdömd" (which have a new
        name, by the way...). in a few weeks we will hit the road again. first of we
        will go back "home"...we're heading over to sweden. a couple of shows are
        safe yet, and some of them will be with "victims" (hell yeah!). some weeks
        after that we will tour for a couple of days with "rambo".
        and last but not least we decided to make the demo available as download.
        all the tapes are sold out and we're not sure yet if we will do a second
        edition. if hadn't got the chance to get your hands on a tape you can check
        out the songs right now. check the download section. more news coming soon.
        take care and have a good new year. -ronnie

        09.november 2004
        we're back from the tour with perth express. after a gazillion audio plays,
        hundrets of driving hours and a hell of broken strings we are kind of happy to be
        back home. on the other hand...we had so much fun! well, most of us.
        ralph's guitar sucked so we had to get a new one. the bus had to suffer
        two times and we had to suffer becuase of that. some shows saw a hugh
        audience, others just a bunch of people. but what do you expect when to
        newcomer bands go on tour together. anyway...there were some great shows we
        played and perth express did the same. they're nice guys and cool to be on
        tour with. thanks again to them and to everyone that did a show for us, gave
        us food, a place to sleep or showed up at a show. thanks for all the nice
        words. we'll be back sooner or later! i think sooner. check back here for
        pictures and reviews.

        10.october 2004
        hellström can be found at myspace.com . if you want to be our friend there search
        for "hellstrom" or via the e-mail adress ralph@flowerviolence.de
        or via www.myspace.com/hellstrom

        30.september 2004
        late september brings good and some not so good news. first of all we decided
        to part ways with daniel, our lead singer. there were several reasons for our decision
        but it wasn’t easy, since he is our friend. we want to thank him for his dedication
        in the last months. he will always be a part of hellström, since he was the one to
        bring the pieces together.
        anyways, we recorded the songs for the split with PERTH EXPRESS.
        the single should be ready for the tour in late october. the songs came out to be really good.
        and the new three way vocals mixture sounds very interesting. we hope get some feedback after shows
        or people listening to the songs. feel free to write us.
        And check back soon for a sneak peek! –ronnie-

        15. september 2004
        yep, we are still alive. it's the summer season and some of us were/are
        on holiday. and some of us have to work their asses off to financiate their
        stay at university. so, we took a little time of after the fluff show. but
        we weren't that lazy after all. we finished another song and their are riffs
        for two more. we will hit the studio in a couple of weeks to record the
        songs for the split with perth express. they already finsihed their
        recordings and it is a blast! imagine his hero is gone meet botch and they
        decide to play very nasum blastparts occasionally. fucking killer! so we
        have to do our best to record a worthy second side for this split.

        the regular hellstöm program will start again by the end of this week.
        there are some things and ideas in the making. details later. we look forward to
        playing shows again soon. and we really look forward to the tour with perth
        express in late october!
        stay tuned...        ronnie

        2. june 2004
        ladies and gentleman, the hellström collective is proud to announce the arrival of a second
        guitar player. martin jan erich hub used to play in nyctophobic and my own lies and decided
        to join forces with us. we rehearsed one time with him and finished two new songs and
        wrote one complete new.
        the sound is ultra-heavy now. best sweden d-beat crust style. with his entrance a whole new world
        opens up for the hellström songwriting. he brings totally different musical influneces to
        the band and you can hear it in the new songs. to compare the new material think
        the cursed meets drop dead, they go for a walk in dödsdöm city where they take a rest near
        the from ashes rise lake and the now-denial bridge! when we continue to write songs that
        quick we should have complete new songs for the split with perth express that
        didn't appear on the demo tape!

        25. may 2004
        the demo is finally out! get it!
        we played a lot of shows recently and it was a fun thing. we really start to feel comfortable
        performing and the performance gets better each time. we all look forward seeing frank wear
        soccer clothes on stage again and we are desperately waiting for him to jump for the first time!!!
        we sold a lot of demos and people gave us a positive feed back.
        if you are intersted, drop us a line. the same if you want to have us rocking down your club

        15. may 2004
        Heya…the demo is almost done. The songs recorded by Steffen sound very cool now.
        The vocals will be redone this Sunday and with a little bit of luck, the demo will be
        ready for the show next Thursday with Disfear (fuck, I’m looking forward to play with these guys!).
        The show will be just us and Disfear ‘cause the other planned bands can’t play.
        But maybe there will be a special guest! We won’t say name, but rumors are talking about
        a fantastic band! Better be there!
        The planning for the split-7-inch and the tour with Perth Express are growing!
        Look out for the 4th edition of the ‘Dräschfeshd” this October!
        Check the show section for all the dates of this amazing may!
        By the way…we will play the Fluff-Fest this year…YEAH!!!

        27. april 2004
        Last weekend we played our first two shows. people seemed to like it a lot and we thought
        they were pretty cool shows (with fuckin' amazing bands...check out perth express...they rule!).
        While staying in altenburg we recorded our first demo (thanks to steffen/perth express for
        recording it and to enrico/perth express for the amazing food!).
        Keep an eye on the mp3 section for a sneak-peak. the tape will be available soon!
        The plans to release a split 7inch with perth express are save. We look forward doing it.

        2. april 2004
        after just four rehersals HELLSTRÖM has already finished 6 songs.
        pure, intense, fast, kick-ass hardcore punk somewhere between left for dead,
        the now-denial and from ashes rise. so you can imagine what to expect: NO FUCKIN' COMPROMISES!
        there are plans for a demo and a split EP with the fantastic new german crust-metal band
        demo mp3's will be available shortly...so keep your eyes open for that!
        and remember: HELLSTRÖM WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!

        22. march 2004
        this fucking webside goes up !

        3. march 2004
        YEAH the first practice
                       IT ROCKS, dude !!