a kind of BIOGRAPHY

Chapter 1 - a prehistoric overview:
Steffen and Ralf got to know each other as DIAVOLO ROSSO was supposed to split - Ralf joined them as their new drummer
because STACK also just finished. After the other guitarist of DIAVOLO ROSSO left the band, their music became faster
and faster and didn't sound like the old ROSSO's any more but through Ralf's influence it became more STACK-like.
After some concerts Ralf (FLOWERVIOLENCE Recs / LET BULLETS RAIN) released the 7" with Y from Berlin, which should be the
last release of D.R. ever because vocalist "Kuhn" and his brother left the band - D.R.=R.I.P! But: Ralf asked Steffen
(also in FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARKSIDE)to join and reanimate STACK, also Chris (guitar) and Bernd (vocals)liked that
idea and STACK was reborn to hit the road again...
After their Christmas-tour in `99 Chris told them that two bands (STACK + PRONE)were too many for him, because of his
study and several personal reasons - so this was the rise and fall of STACK.

Chapter 2 - MY OWN LIES:
Ralf and Steffen (who share their apartment) got to know each other very well and they were absolutely needing to have
a new fast core-band, so that Ralf (actually drummer) could play bass once again. Steffen got to know Martin, guitarist
of NYCTOPHOBIC through a mutual friend and asked him if he wanted to join their new project and if he knew a vocalist.
Martin asked me, Zimbo (NYCTO's vocalist)about screaming in a Hardcore-band and I also joined that project because
I was already waiting for such an opportunity but actually as guitarist...

When we met the first few times Martin and Steffen played guitars, Ralf played bass, Nanouk (COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE) played
drums and I was supposed to "sing". With that line-up we created the first two songs (superficial and life controlled)
but Nanouk unfortunately had to come from the longest distance to our rehearsal room without a car and he is also
having two further side-projects and C.C.H., so we couldn't practice very often... After a few conversations with us
and without Nanouk he left the band without any negative vibrations, because we were not satisfied with practicing so

Then we thought about the new line-up with only four people, that's when I told the other ones, that I'd prefer playing
guitar - so Ralf gave up the bassplaying and sat down again on his drum stool (what he first didn't want to...) and
Martin started playing bass and today's line-up was fixed:

Ralf - drums/vocals (PRONE/STACK/x-DIAVOLO ROSSO/x-CHOREA ...)
Martin - bass (NYCTOPHOBIC)
Zimbo - guitar/vocals (NYCTOPHOBIC)

Today I think our little project has become a band and we all have loads of fun with creating songs and playing them
live. We still play (very) fast and varied Hardcore combined with punkish and metalish guitar riffs and our lyrics
(written by Ralf and Zimbo) are about society, political and even emotional topics - in general about life and what
we see and read. I hope that was enough info for you, if you need to know more about us just e-mail and we will try to
answer all your questions.
...and now for something completely different,
Zimbo. (2000)


Now we only 3 persons, coz Zimbo leave the band. for more informations you can check
the news section. thanks and take care, ralf (2003)

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