5-june 2004
i have bad news for you. after a shitty show last weekend we broke up by a personal reason. i donīt wanna explain, sorry. this monday we record a heresy coversong for a tripute compl. and play only one show, the fluff festval. then itīs done........ sorry, ralf.

15-april 2004
uhh we did a 3 month break and it was a good idea. we back on track with new and maybe more power. we play a bunch of shows in spring. check the show section, maybe we in your areal as well, haha but only as long you live in europe. the split EP with BETERCORE is still delayed, sorry. the label fucked up and donīt have the money to press that shit. it sucks that much, but he promised us to do it befor summer..... haha i hope we can trust him.

19-february 2004
Sorry how long we need to update our shit. ok some news: the split EP with BETERCORE isnīt released til now. the label fucked up and i have no idea when that guy have the money to put it out. we didnīt practice since our tour with ASSCHAPEL in UK in november, i hope we back on track asap.

15-june 2003
yes we are back from the tour with WHN? we had a awesome time with that guys and all teh shows be good. thanks to all that people be involt. Also our new 7" is out you can get it from the label (hombre-lobo records) or via flowerviolence.

11-april 2003
OK, the stuff for the EP is done and on the way to the pressingplant.

01-april 2003
hi, this weekend i got the recordings from BETERCORE. great, brutal, whatever. i really like it. this week we will do the last mix of our recordings and will master the stuff for the EP. coz we really wanna have it allready for the tour in may/june. the split will be out in end of june, i guess. i keep you updated.

10-march 2003
hi, we have done the recorings. yeah, now we waiting for the master, after that we send it to the label and hope the EP will be release asap. the split with BETERCORE needs more time, until today we can find a cover. i keep you updated.

hello, here some news for you: - we played a few shows with RAMBO, nice guys, but hard shows. 4 days befor we got the information, that Zimbo canīt play that show with us. damned, so we start to practice with out him, bad job for me with the vocals, and bad for steffen for guitarplaying, but anyway , it work out. - end of february we go to the studio to recording the songs for the upcoming 7inch and the Split 7inch with BETERCORE. ok, nothing more for now, stay punk, ralf

hey, sorry for needing so long to write any news over here........ anyway, we play some shows this year and had a lot of fun with many people, thanks. now we work hard on new songs for the upcoming 7" called "sounds like an accident" on hombre-lobo records. i think we can recording that songs in february. one really bad thing i have to tell you, zimbo is leaving the band and we need to be only 3 persons in my own lies. i hope it work well and we have a long future. the last shows with zimbo will be in january together with rambo (4 shows). after that we need some time to figure it out, how we can play the old song with only one guitar and only one vocals. iīll keep you updated. thanks ralf

Hi friends, we are in the studio right now for the split LP w/ Y and a split 5" w/ WILBUR COBB. iŦm glad until now. the sound is good and we have a lot of fun with the guy and the recording equipment. ok...... watch out for the new releases, they are coming soon. (i hope)

The shows section is updated.

Ok. finally a update. The split 7" with Assel is out. Take a look at the artwork in the releases section.

Hey, we have played some show with DS 13 + E.T.A. from sweden. Nice shows, nice people. But they always came to late to the shows (hihi). Thanks to you guys who came along for the tour - ralf

we have played 2 nice show the last 2 weekends, thanks to everyone who help us and let us play.

Hi, this is the first note at the "my own lies" web-site from "my own lies". thanks to alex for doing a great job with this site. (puss puss)

ok, now something important,
we want to go to a studio soon, to record some songs for a comp. on SCENE POLICE RECORDS and for a 7" on HOMBRE-LOBO. i hope we will find a date for the studio very soon. Bad news about the tour with DEMON SYSTEM 13 + EPILEPTIC TERROR ATTACK Martin have to do some examinations in school on 3 of the dates in the middle of the tour soooooooo bad, but itŦs very important for him personally. i hope you understand. maybe we go next year on a 3-4 week tour with DOWNTOFAIL from swedn and then we want to go to spain, france and countrys like that, but then it will be when Martin have vaccation from school. ok itŦs all for today, take care - RALF.

welcome to the official MY OWN LIES homepage. if you notice that there is some bugs or shit like that please mail me " the web slave " so i can try to fix it. i guess a homepage is never really finish itŦs always under construction, so please check back on a regular basis cuz there will be much changeing and MY OWN LIES is a produktiv band, so there will always be some thing new here! ok. thatŦs all from me. enjoy - Alex

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