we take a break thru 2021.

but will come back with a new release and some shows,
watch out for more informations.

sorry, long time no news.
we back on track with an new singer and allready played 5 shows this year.
more news comin‘ soon!

We are in the beginning process of booking a tour for this summer. We’ll be on the road between July 20th and August 1st and head eastwards. Fluff will be on the map (just took us ten years to get there…) as well as maybe somewhere in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. If you like us to play in your city, drop us a line! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Happy New Year!
As we said some weeks before, there are some cool things happening in 2017 and here’s the first:
We are happy to announce that we will be part of a killer 4×7″ boxset featuring eight german powerviolence/fastcore bands out on Flowerviolence/Fies ins Gesicht Records. Besides us, there are Capt. Caveman, Cruel Friends, Derbe Lebowski, Henry Fonda, Ill Neglect, Negativ Null and Sickmark. What a line-up!
Pre-order will start soon, so keep your eyes open!

Dear all,
to celebrate our 10 years anniversary we dropped the prices of our merch. You will get a 30% discount on each item until november 11th. Each order will include a free CD version of the one-sided 12″. Check out the merch section and get in touch for postage rates! Cheers!

Hey all,
as the second part of our ten years anniversary celebration we’ll be playing some shows with Trigger in november. If all works out well, our good friends in Saligia will join us for the shows in Hamburg. Here are the dates:

10.11. Leipzig/Halle – WZ ST4
11.11. Liberec – Azyl
12.11. Magdeburg – Heizhaus
13.11. Hamburg – Sauerkrautfabrik (Afternoon Show!)

One week later we’ll finally hit the studio to record the songs for the split 7“ with VOWELS.

Before that the next stop in less than two weeks will be Leipzig (3.9.), where we take part in the Killed System Festival #6 alongside tons of great bands.

See you there!

4 weeks left to go on road with our mates from TRIGGER again…

Also, be prepard! We have some new songs in the setlist!

Hey all and a happy new year,
here we go with the shows we will play in the first half of 2016. First we are on a small anniversary tour together with Trigger to celebrate both, ten years Trigger and ten years TGAOC! After this there’s another week of shows together with Vowels, which is just too cool! Here you go with the dates:

10 years anniversary tour
24.3. ger, Bremen – Friese
25.3. ger, Münster – tba
26.3. swi, Bremgarten – Kuzeb Festival
27.3. ger, Freiburg – Kts
–> http://triggergrindcore.bandcamp.com

2.5. ger, Need Help !
3.5. ger, Köln – AZ
4.5. fra, Strassburg – tba
5.5. swi, Basel – Hirscheneck
6.5. swi, Delemont – Festival
7.5. ger, Mainz – Haus Mainusch
–> http://vxwxls.bandcamp.com

And yes, to make it official:
there will be a new record out this year and it will be a split with Vowels! Hell yes!

See you at the shows! TGAOC


November 2015:
Yeah, first practice since june. we wanna make some news songs and talking about shows and tour next year. 🙂